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The purpose for this site is to explore Minneapolis and highlight all the things there are to do in Minneapolis and share them here with you. If you are looking for the best restaurants, the best hotels, the current or top things to do in Minneapolis – We’ll get you pointed you in the right direction.  Minneapolis has so many things to do and see.  Some of the best things to do are actually free!

I had been contemplating writing this blog for some time and when I was recently out walking along the river in the mill district thinking what an awesome city Minneapolis is – especially in the Summer – I  had some ladies/visitors to the city stop and ask me if I knew of any other good places to visit in Minneapolis.  I decided it was a sign and something I should finally do.  It would give me a good reason to get out, exercise and re-explore Minneapolis.  I could help visitors to the city too.

As I’ve been out and about exploring Minneapolis – I’ve been out and about meeting people/tourists from all over the world and when I bring up the blog, they want to know what it is called and check it out. They want to know about more things to do in Minneapolis.  So, I’ve received plenty of on going confirmation as well.

What I’ve noticed, because they’re out discovering and exploring, is recent transplants or visitors to the area – actually, know more of what’s going on than the locals.  We tend to take things for granted, spend our time exploring other cities, or get into regular patterns and routines of mundaneness.  I am going to re-explore Minneapolis from a new lens – see what I can find and share it here.

I’ve connected with some Minneapolis residents and writers from other demographics to get their input and perspective too.  So, we should be able to get some good content on here soon.  If your a visitor out exploring – let us know what you found. Guest bloggers are welcome.  If you have any suggestions – please let me know and check back often or you’ll likely miss out on the free things to do, fun things to do, things to do with kids, restaurants to do, events to do… things to do in Minneapolis.

Comment below or to add events on Things to Do in Minneapolis.  We gladly welcome other submissions.  Feel free to use the comments below to add some to do ideas. If you’re a blogger, please write your own “ things to do in Minneapolis…” post. Be sure and let us know and we’ll add a link to your post.   If you are an attraction or business let us know what you have going on and We’ll check it out.  We may promote and highlight it here and on our other networks.  Be sure and subscribe to the RSS Feed and/or the VIP List so you won’t miss out on the best things to do.


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