13 Things to do in the Snow

So, me and Sam are back with a new video!! We are off of school because of the snow and we decided to make a video(: It has hardly snowed all winter, and now finally, just when I am gearing…

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24 Responses to 13 Things to do in the Snow

  1. LongBoards360 says:



  2. Dalton Bradley says:

    wow this is gay

  3. Dan LaRouge says:

    you are the worst people on the planet snow is the worst thing why wouldnt
    you stay indoors i hate you please go inside the snow is a terrible thing
    go away go home

  4. lovevlahos says:

    your my hero

  5. Rainbow Dash says:

    i don’t have snow where i live

  6. Gary Mcpheron says:

    0:07 HES PEEING

  7. Gary Mcpheron says:

    0:04 I men

  8. Gary Mcpheron says:

    0:04 HE IS PEEING

  9. White Whisper says:

    What is the name of the song at 0:13?

  10. Charlie Sesh says:


  11. MusicCloud59 says:

    We can eat snow?

  12. Fire Red101 says:

    I get snow in the winter sometimes but not that much.We got a
    ice/snow storm last year and there calling for snow this year!! I hope we
    get some. :)

  13. jason howard says:

    The girl is hot!!!

  14. Websters says:

    Ur the worst and best u suck but ur good i hate u i love u ur mean ur nice

  15. r smith says:

    Nice snowman and lightsaber duel : )

  16. coolman035 says:

    That brother and sister and relationship tho

  17. 슈밍미니 says:

    저게바로 미친건가?ㅋㅋ
    춥겠다 수영복 사람들…
    오줍눈 그런 드러운 눈으로
    빙수는 좀 아니다… ㅉㅉ

  18. STRYKER? says:

    Fucker rite in the pussy

  19. Autumn Rose Sunshine says:

    That’s totally me and my brother

  20. FLLF FL says:

    Ummm doesnt snow have chemicals?

  21. maria santos says:

    all of the things they did looked really fun


  22. Caitlin Douglas says:

    Lol swim in the snow

  23. Jose Rivas says:

    Love the gril

  24. Yoda Ydyxz says:

    Did you just eat the icecreamsnow made with your own pee?

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