Baby Turtles in Dominica From Grandbabies in Minneapolis | EX-PATS™ Ep. 10 Full | Reserve Channel

Savannah Jane Buffet joins Beverly Deikel at Rosalie Bay Eco Resort, the hotel she spent eight years building. After ending a marriage of 39 years, Beverly left her children and grandchildren…

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25 Responses to Baby Turtles in Dominica From Grandbabies in Minneapolis | EX-PATS™ Ep. 10 Full | Reserve Channel

  1. Media & Entertainment News says:

    New On IrieTubeApp From Grandbabies in Minneapolis to Baby Turtles in
    Dominica | EX-PATS Ep. 10 Full | Reserve Channel

  2. musicmanocdp says:

    these videos are awesome and inspiring

  3. EX-PATS says:

    Check out the latest Expats on the Reserve Channel!

  4. MrSimonj1970 says:

    Lovely lady! Savannah is a great host, too, and the show is beautifully

  5. Rosalie Bay Resort says:

    Check out the latest Expats on the Reserve Channel!

  6. Fred Christoffel says:

    Now I understand why my friend is an ex-pat in Dominica! This is the best
    YouTube or for that matter, any tube channel. Thanks Savannah, can’t wait
    to sail into the lifestyle of an ex-pat.

  7. Brambleiah says:

    Great episode. Very inspiring!

  8. Tommy Schultz says:

    Love your show Savannah, keep up the great work! I’ve been living abroad as
    an expat since 2004 and every time I watch your show it makes me feel that
    much better about the decision to go for it. Your interview style is really
    personal and your production team really captures the spirit of every place
    you visit–awesome! Come over to Bali, lots of interesting expats here too!

  9. Rosalie Bay Resort says:

    Thank you EX-PATS for sharing Beverly’s inspiring story!

  10. Judy Roberts says:

    i love it

  11. Martin Charles Everington says:

    Love this video..great Video..Made me so proud to be a Dominican

  12. Andrea Perullo de Ledesma says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE this resort!!! Everyone needs to visit! Great video! 🙂

  13. Rosalie Bay Resort says:

    Favorite moment #2 in the +EX-PATS episode featuring Rosalie Bay Resort
    owner Beverly Deikel: A visit to the famous twin waterfalls at Trafalgar

    View it here.

    #Expats #caribbean #Dominica #travel 

  14. peggy archambault says:

    I have tears of joy for her! She is an awesome lady. My new role model. I
    love her!

  15. PCWCFA says:

    Where is the episode about the Costa Rica couple that keeps popping up in
    the between episodes commercial?

  16. Clayton c says:

    I don’t get it! only 3K viewers? but this show is amazing!

  17. Kenneth White says:

    Amazing channel and amazing individual episode. I think the production team
    are amazing in finding the hidden treasures and sharing peoples perspective
    of their changes in lifestyle. Keep up the good work…

  18. TheRoot Message says:

    Good lady.. My father has retired and moved to costa rica to do the same
    thing, Preserve all wild life.

  19. SoulfulVeg says:

    Wow, it’s never to late to follow your heart.

  20. Shay Stewart says:
  21. Imara Dinkins says:


  22. Jilly Williams says:

    Ms. Beverly you and your team are doing an amazing job saving those
    precious baby turtles! Keep up the great work… I hope that i can be a
    part of your team someday ;-)

  23. Calabash Condos says:

    Savannah I came across this show today and have been watching for the last
    4 hours. Amazing. This one though seems to be the one that has touched the
    host the most….great one!

  24. srok62 says:

    Beyond inspiring!!!
    Wonderful people!

  25. MattsoILL says:

    Can’t get enough of these videos. Please make more!!

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