Minneapolis Restaurants

The 1029 bar for Lobster rolls or Lobster Mac and Cheese.  My brother turned me on to this place.  He had watched a review on diners, dive’s and drive ins.  He also heard the KQRS morning show crew reporting on how awesome the lobster rolls were. In fact, Tom Barnard of the Morning crew was there when we arrived.  Apparently, all the talk about the lobster rolls was more than he could take too.  I heard the word lobster and that was all the prompting I needed to go along.  We actually visited the 1029 bar in NE Minneapolis to try the Lobster rolls – three times this month.  We just had to share it with our friends and get those lobster rolls again.  We highly suggest you try the lobster rolls too.

So, what’s the deal with Lobster in NE Minneapolis?  Turns out the smack shack – a rolling lobster truck – has been operating from the kitchen there.  You can see the truck parked out back.

The 1029 has been pretty busy each time I have visited.  The Lobster rolls are kind of addicting.  So, it’s kind of easy to understand why.  There is outdoor seating and the atmosphere is fairly casual.  The parking is easy.  My brother tells me the Lobster Mac and Cheese is even better than the lobster rolls.  If Lobster isn’t your first choice –  I’ve tried the wings and they’re good too.  They have burgers and other dishes on the menu.

If your in NE – the 1029 is worth the stop.  You may want to get there early as I’ve noticed it getting busier each time I have gone.  I heard KQ talking about it again.  People like to share good things.  The 1029 is good choice when you are in the mood for lobster.




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