Brianna Lane (Minneapolis) – NPR Tiny Desk Concert Contest Entry or Submission

About the Song: “oh my city, so tall and so pretty, I am lonelier with you than I am in the wild..” I do love my city…don’t get me wrong. I just…found a …

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7 Responses to Brianna Lane (Minneapolis) – NPR Tiny Desk Concert Contest Entry or Submission

  1. Brianna Lane says:
  2. P. Skunk Willy and the Post Virus Apocalypse says:

    Great idea! Nice homage to our area.

  3. Craig Rittler says:

    So awesome…well done team, and best of luck to you with the contest

  4. Banjo Brothers says:

    In 2015 Banjo Brothers helped +Brianna Lane create a video entry to +NPR ‘s
    #TinyDeskConcert Contest. Lane has been a fixture for Banjo Brothers since
    2011, helping us combine bikes and music to create community. This video
    was recorded mostly over 4 days in the dead of winter. Gray Minnesota skies
    and blustery winds dominated our video shoots. Finally, the last day of the
    shoot, January 19th, the skies broke open and the sun-shined for a brief
    mid-January thaw. A dedicated team if Chris Dolan, Eric Lemke, Alena
    Dzubic, Craig “The Golden Rhino” Rittler, Hobo John Louis, Greg Neis and
    Banjo Brothers Mike Vanderscheuren and Eric Leugers worked around the clock
    to hit the January 19th deadline. The song is entitled “Minneapolis.” It
    has a touch of melancholy to it but it’s also about acceptance of a
    different kind of home. Lane is an avid cyclist who sometimes tours
    un-supported by Bicycle. The audio track was recorded at Calhoun Cycle. We
    has a “Tiny Concert” in Luke Breen’s office. While that footage ended up
    not making the storyboard. The desk was Luke Breen’s and it was
    well-traveled by the end of the shoot. Locations included the Stone Arch
    Bridge, First Avenue, Lake of the Isles Skating Rink, The Aster Cafe, Jim
    and Kay’s Porch, Nicollet Island, The Martin Olav Sabo Bridge by the Banjo
    Brothers Warehouse, +Calhoun Cycle We encourage you to watch and if you
    like what you see comment and share. #bridoesMPLS, #MPLS , #minneapolis +

  5. Michael Vanderscheuren says:

    Check out this Tiny Desk Concert Contest Submission by +Brianna Lane. The
    song is called “Minneapolis”. The video was shot and edited largely over
    the past 4 days under some duress to hit the 11:59 EST deadline for +NPR
    Music ‘s +Tiny Desk concerts NPR Contest. +Chris Dolan and +Eric Lemke
    shot and edited with a lot of people looking over shoulders and providing
    commentary. The result is pretty good and we hope you’ll watch and share.
    #tinydesk , #mpls , #minneapolis , #bridoesmpls #tinydeskcontest #Tiny
    Desk Contest, #NPR Music 

  6. Laura Mauro says:

    Wow, awesome…that is my guitar teacher:) Good luck with the contest.

  7. folkwoodswest says:

    This is rad!

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