Cherry Capri Summer Fun Road Trip Giant Objects – Funny Vacation Ideas OUTTAKES Miss Cherry Capri is going to give you funny vacation ideas and will go on a series of fun retro vacation travel roadside attraction road trips to see Americana highlight…

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25 Responses to Cherry Capri Summer Fun Road Trip Giant Objects – Funny Vacation Ideas OUTTAKES

  1. Cherry Capri says:
  2. Margerume1 says:

    Chery, when can you come and visit my school?

  3. Hollemanelnora says:

    Awesome!!! love this road trip.

  4. Peircenannie says:

    Cherry deserves a National Heritage Award!

  5. Brandesallie says:

    Where is that giant cupcake? It makes me hungry.

  6. Pelzerharriett says:

    Crazy and cool.

  7. Heidesmeralda says:

    OMG, I want to go on a road trip with Cherry.

  8. Adkisonjami says:

    Cherry. Are you jumping for joy or what?

  9. Molerselena says:

    Funny video.

  10. Cambridgesaundra says:

    wow. that was awesome. thanks for uploading.

  11. margeryPearlman margeryPearlman says:

    Thank. I love giant objects!

  12. Albrosharron says:

    I like it when your head is on Mt. Rushmore. Vote for Cherry for president!

  13. saundraHeintzman saundraHeintzman says:

    This is freeakin funny.

  14. Cherry Capri says:

    A 1963 convertible falcon, of course!

  15. Cherry Capri says:

    Only my hairdresser knows for sure…

  16. Stjamesclare says:

    That giant tiki is so cul. I am a lurker on Tiki Central and I have been to
    the Hut. I joined the online campaign to save it. I am so glad that you
    went to visit it. Cherry. Please keep people interested in saving landmarks.

  17. loraineKnipp loraineKnipp says:

    You are cute.

  18. zelmaHorwitz zelmaHorwitz says:

    What a magical personality.

  19. elnoraBalcom1 says:

    I like the giant cherry. I want one.

  20. Baumgartmallory says:

    So loving this!!!!!!!!! On EVERY level. 😀

  21. Weschadin Weschadin says:

    Who is this chick anyways?

  22. Cohannix Cohannix says:

    I am now inspired to go and visit all the giant objects in my state.

  23. tamekaRuppe tamekaRuppe says:

    LOL! My first time watching Cherry Capri. What a sweetie! I loved the
    growl. MOOOOOOTOR City Michigan!

  24. liliaTheel liliaTheel says:

    very cool video nice work

  25. allieLabriola allieLabriola says:

    Where are those dancing feet?

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