Cool Freezing Cold Science Tricks Fun in Minnesota

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17 Responses to Cool Freezing Cold Science Tricks Fun in Minnesota

  1. Steve Hunter says:

    throw the water out of the pot, not toss the entire pot and water wtf is
    that. gaauull,, ‘Merica!!! 

  2. thelol clan says:


  3. Gustav Søgaard Jakobsen says:

    That is the most annoying description on how to do cold “science” i have
    ever seen.

  4. Stale Bagelz says:

    This could possibly be the cheesiest video I have ever seen.

  5. Alan Rehkemper says:

    Yeah, Science!

  6. Turd Ferguson says:

    Dat science doe

  7. i Granot says:

    I’m pretty sure this guy is a secret Canadian spy…..

  8. jerry bushman says:

    I guess cold is bad for the brain

  9. EmmuFlicks says:

    lol the laugh

  10. Aaron W says:


  11. scottystroll says:

    Brain frozen eh???

  12. MrSoarman says:

    sorry it’s so cold, sure you don’t have brain freeze?

  13. yooodda1 says:

    Brilliant! I live in miami, I cant wait for the next snow so I can try
    these awesome tricks!

  14. wonderming1 says:

    Relax, people. It’s all for fun. 

  15. Stankin Jankins says:

    This is your brain on drugs.

  16. Trey Gunter says:

    all the people that dont realize the troll.

  17. Zachary Schurr says:

    Funniest. Video . Ever

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