DO THE MIRANDA! – Original song by Miranda Sings

Check out my new song “Do The Miranda!”, do u lick it??? and don’t 4get to check out #UEMEGABOOM. click here for more info on UE MEGABOOM – thanks to UE…

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25 Responses to DO THE MIRANDA! – Original song by Miranda Sings

  1. Miranda Sings says:
  2. Miranda Sings says:

    im so good

  3. DomeCM says:


  4. Olivia M says:

    she says “drunk” is a swear word and censors it in her songs but hoes and
    slutty aren’t swear words? 

  5. PjSparkle08 says:

    am i the only one thinking about that episode of Family Matters when steve
    is at a party and makes up a song convincing everybody to “Do The Urkel” ?

  6. kobe somersall says:

    did anyone else see george from eye candy ?

  7. Mays Nammoura says:

    Um sweaty,control the lipstick and maybe wear better clothing?Also stop
    acting stuiped….like seriously no offense.

  8. Britneybabee101 says:

    Miranda Sings should go on ew with Jimmy fallon 

  9. StephaniehasStories says:

    Am I the only one thinking we need to make a Miranda Movie happen??

  10. Dart Papinova says:

    why isnt collen in this vidio

  11. PotatoPancakes says:

    My best friend is always the DJ at our school dances (I’m in high school).
    So, for the last song of the night, I convinced her to play this. I went
    out to the middle of the dance floor, started dancing, and at least 50
    people joined me, including a few teachers! It’s nice to see that we have
    some Mirfandas at my school

  12. Inde Francis says:

    2:10 “Excuse me, I have places to be and crevices to wipe”

  13. Oisin Doran says:

    ive literly watched this 70 times since it came outツツツ

  14. Natalia K says:

    For anyone who just wants to see the song, it starts at 2:55 :)

  15. Julia fitzgerald says:

    I can see why u get lots of dislike…
    No hate btw

  16. Xhoose says:

    I cant remember his name but the one who sings “Do the Miranda” in the
    rainbow shirt is hilarious! Omg I wish we saw him more in vlogs.

  17. packergeek10 says:

    I don’t get it.

  18. aly lindsey says:

    Go on tour to Utah!! We love you!

  19. Emma Marie Gab says:

    I’m gonna start doing the MIRANDA now !! My friends bettter watch it … Or
    else …. Haha no seriously @mirandasings you ARE SOOOOOO talented &
    bootiful ! How can i be bootiful like you. I should buy red listick first &
    then wear my “Haters back off ” sweat pants & Miranda sings t shirt …
    Then what do i do next ??! I love you sooooo much Miranda . 

  20. Wynter Moore says:

    Do lick it 🙂 I might scribe you

  21. Reese Kamykowski says:

    I wish my face was as bootuful as yours do you have any secrets?

  22. Daejah Leofa says:
  23. Jamo | Minecraft & Games says:

    Lol just watch Joshua during the dance

  24. xXMiner_GuysXx says:

    I bet it’s number 1

  25. AreFlame says:

    I wish i were a goodly as you +Miranda Sings

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