On Summer Thursday’s – Farmer’s Market and Nicollet Mall

Thursday’s in the Summer from 6 AM to 6PM Nicollet Mall is a great place to check out – especially on Thursdays around noon. Nicollet Mall becomes a Farmer’s Market on Thursdays.

The mall is loaded with local food vendors, produce, music, and people watching. Vendors peddle masses of colorful flowers, fresh vegetables and fruits, honey and other produce for downtown urban dwellers and out of town visitors. There are also a ton of upscale shops and mom and pop type restaurants along the mall.

The mall is outdoors and is the Minneapolis version of Main Street. No autos are allowed. So, its very pedestrian friendly.

The Mall was originally created in the 60’s to combat some of the surburban malls that were popping up at the time. It soon became a world renowned public space because it focused on pedestrian use – which in the automobile dominant suburban flight 60’s – was a new concept.  The mall was remodeled in the 90’s with local art, sculptures, and many plants were added. It’s bustling with activity and a perfect place to take a stroll in downtown Minneapolis.

The mall is outdoors – but, can be accessed via the sky way – which is also worth exploring. The Farmers market and the mall are definitely on the to do in Minneapolis list.

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