Late Night Wisdom from a Minneapolis Street Harasser “Jared”

Ah, Jared. Theologian. Constitutional Scholar. Smoker. Total Stranger. Our time together was so short tonight as I walked to my bus stop and tried to mind my…

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25 Responses to Late Night Wisdom from a Minneapolis Street Harasser “Jared”

  1. Gabriela Roque says:

    I have a close guy friend that harasses women all the time and I’ve talked
    to him about it to try to understand why men do that. He told me that it
    was more like a social activity to do with other guy friends, like lets
    bond over objectifying women or trying to get women. Ive tried to explain
    to him how not to come off as creepy to other women and he takes it as some
    inconvenience that he has to consider how his actions might make someone
    else feel. From the videos of yours that I watched it seems most of these
    men feel the same way. If a woman was offended it was her fault, or
    something is wrong with her, like self esteem or something. women are
    responsible for what men to do them, how it made them feel, and any
    consequences that come from it. I feel like this idea is underneath every
    assault/abuse towards women. Im wondering how we can change that.

    I think what you’re doing is amazing! Ive been trying figure out the best
    way to handle street harassment my self. Especially when these men feel
    entitled to a good response from you, and both no response or a negative
    response could become dangerous. 

  2. Bobbical says:

    I have a feeling if this woman was a guy and he was encouraging him not to
    do this or change his mind he would be more open to it.

  3. SinSeared says:

    If we don’t “harass” you we don’t form relationships. Women just wait for
    men to approach them to form relationships, men don’t have that leisure. So
    we have to approach those who we are attracted to. Get off your soap box,

  4. Alina Braverman says:

    The next question you need to ask them is have any women responded
    positively from your cat calling? I’ve stood and watched this process from
    a safe distance and have seen women respond positively to this. But I only
    did that once so it’s not enough of a sample size. But am thinking there
    must be positive affirmations for these men to continue. 

  5. C Witten says:

    “Women are put on this earth to satisfy a man, so if she feels offended,
    she shouldn’t have [ever] been born.”
    What a douche. Then he brings up the bible. As if Jesus would condone
    hollering crude things at women walking by. 

  6. fsdsf says:

    This must be the most ridiculous face bluring I’ve ever seen

  7. Richie Productions says:

    I’m a man but I have to say what she is doing must be very hard to do.
    Women don’t like this because men are judging by the women’s appearance but
    it is hard to go against it as the men are saying compliments and
    confronting them is similar to denying a gift for the reason that one
    doesn’t want it.

  8. leolutero says:

    -the point is catcalling is not and will never be permanent. it is a
    temporary thing so don’t go saying it “just happens”
    – if this woman was asking for it to make this video, it is not supposed to
    be there to “ask for” in the first place.
    – it being not permanent means it is brought on by something. This is the
    force feminism is against. Don’t talk about feminism before at least
    reading a piece on the Marxist relations of feminism (or sexism) bec it
    most likely might not be what you think.

    Why does normal human interaction involve calling out the physical
    qualities of women(on the very mild cases) in a public place? The question
    is not “If you look for catcallers, will you find them?” The comments on
    this video makes me sad. i crie

  9. tipsycat27 says:

    the sheer volume of dislikes for these videos is a pretty good indicator of
    how men feel about being called out like this. It’s kind of scary, really,
    that so many support this kind of harassment. 

  10. Max Wellington says:

    Fucking hell this is awful, the fact that this kind of harassment is still
    accepted is just disgusting. 

  11. Ellie says:

    I’m a woman, and I just want to clarify to all men watching this that NO WE
    DO NOT HATE YOU! We know that all men do not do these things, but SOME men
    do not know any better and need someone to tell them to back off! I was
    once walking home from school and literally had a group of catcalling men
    practically follow me home. I was so terrified that I almost froze at the
    spot but luckily ran into a nearby store and waited until they were gone. A
    lot of men do not understand how this feels because it normally doesn’t
    happen to them, but you must understand that to the average woman, being
    harassed, catcalled, or followed by a man is TERRIFYING. The best way I can
    describe it is if you were walking alone in the woods, and a pack of wolves
    started following you. How would you feel?

    If you try to talk to a woman, and she is clearly not interested in you
    (walking away, speaking shortly, hiding her face with her hair etc.) then
    please LEAVE HER ALONE.

  12. Audrey Jocelyn says:

    Wow, this is amazing! I was put here on this earth for a man!?!?!?! Hope
    that man is really a woman, cause this misogynistic pathetic excuse of a
    man must have never heard of the term lesbian, or dyke! Cause I’m a damn
    proud dyke! Gold star dyke at that! Would be a real mouth vomit if he
    thought I just haven’t found the right man yet too….. 

  13. Kenny Williams says:

    This guy’s an asshole!!!

  14. IamYou86 says:

    This. Shit. right. Here.
    THIS is what makes me want to bang my head against a wall until I pass out.
    That poor man was taught that women are here only to serve him. What a
    damaged individual. 

  15. PrettyPinkPeacock says:

    Thanks for having this conversation…when will people realise that these
    kind of one-sided “compliments” aren’t healthy or desirable? It encourages
    objectification of women, who seriously wants to demean fellow human beings
    like that?

  16. izzy m.g. says:

    this makes me so angry. thank you for doing this

  17. Leslie Jones says:

    “Women were put on earth to please men” -gross

  18. Carolan Ivey says:

    What a poor excuse for a “man.”

    When I was raising my son, I taught him there are two kinds of men.
    Protectors, and predators. And I did my best to see that he grew up to be a

  19. Jasper Haeward says:

    LMFAO. LMFAO. HELP. If there was no video, I would have never believed this
    was said.

  20. Raffi says:

    You should tell these guys who think women are on this Earth for men about
    Lilith, Adam’s first wife who, according to rabbinic midrash, left the
    Garden of Eden because she refused to lie beneath Adam.

  21. Grass Hopper says:

    Oh sweet jesus H christ. On behalf of my gender. Sorry about this moron.

  22. Teaiste says:

    My brain can’t even process that he could actually believes that “woman are
    put on this earth to satisfy men”. It sounded like provocation. I really,
    really want to believe he was trolling. 

  23. randomtrucks says:

    This literally sounds like he’s doing a great parody of a stereotype: a
    right-wing, uneducated, christian mysogynist.
    The depressing thing is… He’s just being *himself*.

  24. Hadrian Micciche says:

    *Jesus Be Hollerin At All The Fine Bitches In Jerusalem*
    *And from the cross no less!*
    And before the crucifixion, there was the Jesus cruiser, in which our Lord
    and Savior would drive around and harass all the super fine ladies of the
    town. See, that’s why women were created — to be accosted by strange men
    on the street — its right there in the Bible — because you know, Eve.
    Plus when Jesus wrote the US Constitution, he gave all us men free speech,
    which means we get to shout at you what we want to shout, you see. So, you
    coming home with me or not?

  25. ImperatorScab says:

    “Hey there little lady. I’m just trying to use my religion to justify
    being a creeper!”

    This one is a sad, sad human.

    I also think it interesting that he mentions women “holla-ing” at him, and
    it not offending him. I’m a man and I’ve had plenty of occasions where
    women have approached me in very similar fashions. (Actually, in my
    experiences, women seem more willing to touch men uninvitedly. However, I
    have to admit, my experiences are quite limited. I’ve not done a formal
    study, or anything like that.) Even in times where I was single and
    “looking” it was uncomfortable for me.

    Keep doing what you do. I got a lot of respect for this.

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