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The city of Minneapolis leads the Twin Cities area in Growth after falling for years.  Much of the growth has been from housing developments downtown along the river.  Minneapolis and St. Paul are adding residents by the thousands reversing the decades long trend of flight to the suburbs.  According to census bureau estimates this is happening throughout the country.  Cities are out growing the suburbs for the first time in 100 years.

Much of the growth in the Minneapolis population and Real Estate  prices are due to new planning and supply.  Some growth is from higher gas prices and from people baby boomers and young professional looking for the vibrant life of the city – which Minneapolis has plenty.  One local resident living downtown said ” Its like living at the mall – everything is easy and convenient.  I don’t even own a car any longer.  I bike, walk, take the light rail or a cab.  If I need to go out of town – which is rare – I rent a car.”  “What’s not to like.  I can head over and catch a Twins game or go out to dinner at any one of hundreds of places.”

If you’re interested in living in Minneapolis go visit the neighborhoods, the bars and restaurants, go for a walk or bike in one of the neighborhood parks.  Check this site for activities in Minneapolis.  After spending some time in the different neighborhoods – you’ll know if Minneapolis is right for you and which neighborhood you’ll want to be in.  Go to http://anewdawnhome.com and check home and rental prices.  If your used to spending a fortune in gas and vehicle expenses, you may find the savings from not having those expenses, makes living in the city very affordable too.



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