Minneapolis (that dog)

a bike ride through the city that I love on a beautiful May evening. www.citygirldebbie.com May 2010.

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  1. Ray OfMinneapolis says:

    I LOVE IT! Sweet bike ride.

  2. John Marden says:

    Nice song and a great grounds-eye view of MPLS. I love the lighting.

  3. Joe Fahey says:

    Debbie! That’s a beautiful bike ride, thanks! — Joe

  4. citygirldebbie says:

    thanks guys. It was a beautiful night! I had ridden from s. mpl to brooklyn
    park and back after work and then arrived in the city just at twightlight
    and decided to start “filming”. Just a few days before this Jim Walsh had
    asked if I wanted to put together a vid for this song and I listened to it
    once or twice and loved it. So it was nice to have a way to share this
    beautiful ride with a great song. I’m glad I’m not the only one who gets it

  5. Cung-Meing Yang says:

    Thanks for sharing such a beautiful ride! Are you just holding the camera
    or is it hooked to your helmet? o_O

  6. bigrobbo1989 says:

    One of my fave songs. cool vid thanks for sharing

  7. IchbinNamenlos says:

    That is one underrated band…great video Debbie.

  8. Chris Pavlovich says:

    I don’ t know you or anything, but cool idea for a video. That song brings
    me back.

  9. Chris Pavlovich says:

    I don’ t know you or anything, but cool idea for a video. That song brings
    me back.

  10. Blackolive28 says:

    I loved this album, great group of kids in the day, good stuff here

  11. MuffinManTF says:

    Where I want to live in the next few years. It’s so beautiful there.

  12. nothingiscool says:

    @citygirldebbie I can’t tell you how happy this video and this song makes

  13. Mikey F says:

    greetings and salutations

  14. xmalx22 says:

    THIS IS MY PLACE! born and raised along it’s beautiful streets!

  15. eckswyzee says:

    @ApollosInsight depends on what you do for a living… its hit or miss,

  16. casadejoey says:

    God I miss the Twin Cities so bad </3 Makes my chest hurt. ='[ Thanks for
    uploading this and greetings from England.

  17. Quarry Rousset says:

    i wish i loved life this much (emo)

  18. KeeKee KeeKee says:

    Nothing like Minneapolis. If you’re born here, or get to know the city…
    odds are you’ll wanna be here.

  19. beavisandslutheadd says:

    Neat 🙂

  20. officereagle says:

    The cities are quite beautiful!

  21. pkitty2219 says:

    F’ing great! I’m a little homesick for my favourite city, typed in Mpls

  22. gobaers says:

    I submit that, title notwithstanding, this song is more about LA and LA
    girl’s state of mind. Video is great, it really shows the flavor of the

  23. teckertime says:

    Um, no I won’t. Gross

  24. citygirldebbie says:

    Yep, gobaers… That’s right. She’s an LA girl (Anna Waronker) who meets a
    mpl guy, visits him but decides to go back on the road with her band.

  25. Jo John says:

    very very fantastic

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