Minneapolis TV Station Stupidly Accuses Mayor of Throwing Up Gang Signs

Politicians often have to be on their toes, with accusations of corruption and misdeeds coming at them left and right. Even with their constant vigilance and…

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25 Responses to Minneapolis TV Station Stupidly Accuses Mayor of Throwing Up Gang Signs

  1. Keen Ass Sosa says:

    sounds like the cops are at her for not taking a picture w/ they dick
    eating asses. lmao!

  2. Bj Reyez says:

    Well that escalated quickly!

  3. gabe riggs says:

    Fuck the news trying to get the sheeples all wiled up

  4. Kimson Joseph says:

    Cops don’t respect authority that’s the damn mayor for god sakes

  5. Victor Ramirez says:

    “ET is down” lmao

  6. Emma Greenfield says:

    She should fire every cop , they are bigots. Their judgement shows they
    cannot even judge correctly.

  7. Odin says:

    wtf is with this NASA coat

  8. BAKKPAKK! says:

    Man im sick of minneapolis police,
    there all a bunch a racist fucks 

  9. Mubeen Hyder says:

    Lmaooo people be stupid

  10. henryg1475 says:

    Ridiculous, just straight up ridiculous… Getting slammed for pointing???

  11. massi made says:

    Really nigga? This shit is retarded.

  12. Alex Vaquerano says:

    LOL ET Is down.

  13. Janery De Leon says:

    This is ridiculous…. Wow 

  14. wade wilson says:

    Jinx is such a hypocrite. This particular story was spot on with his
    reporting….but if it were two white people in the same situation, the way
    Jinx would be reporting the story would have been totally different. Don’t
    believe me….check out his past reporting of news on Complex where he
    clearly shows his bias when it comes to black people vs white people. Case
    in point, he once reported on a story where blacks become very violent when
    they become the butt of a joke, justifying their violent reactions by
    stating “blacks have the right to act out violently because of their
    environment” & then in a separate news story when the roles are reversed,
    he states “why can’t they (whites) take a joke?” He is the only reporter on
    Complex who report stories with extreme bias. Again, don’t believe
    me…just go back in his timeline of news reports & you’ll see what I’m
    talking about. He is the equivalent of Fox News when it comes to reporting.

  15. scott clamato says:

    Congrats on reporting this 

  16. Max Dorisca says:

    Well E.T. was in illegal immigrant.. 

  17. John j says:

    the naacp needs to sue the news station for using race play and lying.. no
    gang uses pointing as a gang sign this dude was doing positive thing with
    the mayor to register voters.. white supremacy is getting bold.

  18. ToriBatt says:

    Responsible news reporting! 🙂 Love it. Honesty, not drama and hysteria.
    Great work Jinx and Complex, love your work! 

  19. Kyle D. says:

    Police the biggest gang of them all

  20. Gyanri Olaten says:

    Apples to Oranges. You cant compare a known convicted felon with ties to
    gangs to E.T. or the Dahli Llama. Its easy to make things absurd, if your
    absurd yourself

  21. Diego Alzamora says:

    Jinx stay wearing the same nasa bomber jacket with the supreme box logo hat

  22. DEVONYEA100™ says:

    Im in mn and the cops hate blacks and the news backs them. White supremacy

  23. Sir Emet 'TheMostHated' says:

    I live in Minneapolis and I remember seeing this. Because the guy the lady
    is photoed with got a criminal background they suspected it to be some gang
    shit. Stupid. He’s trying to get his life rite to positively better

  24. lavell Beut says:


  25. jjlinert says:

    Look at posters of Uncle Sam pointing. Yes, the patriotic Uncle Sam is the
    original gangster….
    If people really believe Mayor Hodges was making a gang signal, I’ve got
    some ocean front property to sell them in Kansas…

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