Minnesota Stereotypes

I put rumors to rest. Let me explain to you the false stereotypes that people think about Minnesotans.

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25 Responses to Minnesota Stereotypes

  1. Hermaeus Mora says:

    The only thing missing in your accent is “you betcha'”. Why the hell does
    everything think Minnesotans all say “you betcha'”? I’ve only lived here
    5-6 years and i’ve maybe heard that twice.

  2. raya Burns says:

    Oh my god im from minnesota I think people in northern states make short a
    sound into a long a sound and we make like a rrrr sound instead of a short
    r sound the point is we sound like Canadians

  3. Joeby Thao says:

    Damn it I’m moving to Minnesota next week from cali

  4. Esperanza Torrez says:

    We Minnesotans are nice, but we can still slap a bitch if we need to.

  5. darkcylander says:

    it doesn’t just have snow and thats it, it also has more lakes than any
    other state 

  6. Erridiom says:

    Funfact, we change the “T’s” in the middle of the word to “D’s” (most
    words, but not all). Minnesota = Minnesoda, British = Bridish, and Lutefisk
    = Ludefisk.

  7. ScottaHemi says:

    you know you’re from Minnesota when your snowmobile has more miles then
    your car! 

  8. Billy Joe says:

    I’m pretty sure everyone in Minnesota has a cabin

  9. Asain Pikachu says:

    I live in MN, and you have the strongest Minnesotan accent that I ever

  10. Rachel Anon says:

    XDDDDD All jokes aside yeah that’s us. If I didn’t try so hard to not do a
    general accent of English I would have an accent.))

  11. Chromevod says:

    Oh hey, it’s snowing! It must be really warm out today.

  12. Steven H Wang says:

    It easily reaches 95+ degrees during the summer!

  13. Caroline Mercer says:

    I love this video. He’s obviously exaggerating but he actually hit a lot of
    stuff right on the nose 

  14. maria schultenover says:

    Minnesotans have accents I lived in Minnesota my life and still do but how
    we get accents is we say are a’s and o’s longer than most people but we
    don’t know we do that because we lived here for ever and don’t hear it

  15. Simbaholic says:

    Minnesota Nice really is a false stereotype. My family and I lived in a
    parsonage belonging to a church in MN for seven years and the church
    actually kicked us out of it for disagreeing with them about stupid stuff.

  16. Lilli16 chocolate says:

    most people in minnesota talk like connor franta. ( he is from MN)

  17. Luke Lemke says:

    I would love it if us Minnesotans started talking like that. It would be so
    much fun.

  18. Shabrea Farmer says:

    I like in mn and i have no idea what hot dish is

  19. lydia punki says:

    No it usaly ranges in summer 50- 104 he was joking

  20. Madison Slettedahl says:

    I live in Minnesota you just made us sound worse than they think we do and
    once you started to make fun of our accent after you just started talkng in
    then accent the rest of the video

  21. Sillas Martins says:

    Missing MN!

  22. Jack Jensen says:

    Heard someone giving me a mcflurry say you betcha and that was the first
    time I had ever heard someone say that. 

  23. Matty De Luna says:

    “you people” lol

  24. Alex Dillon says:

    I live in MN I say old like od and older like oder 

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