Nicolette Mall

Nicolette Mall in Minneapolis

If you are looking for things to do in Minneapolis, then you have to check out the downtown district, and in particular, the historic Nicolette Mall.  Nicolette Mall runs for 12 blocks in the center of the city, and is a hub of shopping and entertainment.  It is home to department stores, malls, fine eateries, coffee shops, and bars.  A trip to Minneapolis would not be complete without a visit to this Minneapolis spot.


Nicolette Mall is located along Nicolette Avenue, where shopping has been a tradition since the turn of the century.   However when Nicolette Mall was established in the 1960’s, it was the first transit mall to be set up in the United States.


There are a large number of shops in Nicolette Mall including Target, and Macy’s.  It also boasts the Gaviidae Common which is a shopping mall and office complex that spans 2 city blocks. The Common is home to the specialty department stores Nieman Marcus and Saks Fifth Avenue, as well as Ann Taylor, Talbots, and Radio Shack.


If you just want to take a stroll downtown Minneapolis and explore the city, then Nicolette Mall is a good place to start.  You can enjoy simple pleasures, like watching all the people go by, and take in some of the city lights and sights.  The good thing about Nicolette Mall is it is pedestrian friendly, so you can take the time to enjoy the walking areas.


If you are looking for things to do in Minneapolis, then the skywalk over Nicolette Mall is a wonderful trip to take, especially in the winter.  It makes it much easier to get to the businesses and shops in the downtown district in the cold months.

At Nicolette Mall, you can also take in music concerts at the Orchestra Hall, and Peavey Plaza.  Peavey Plaza hosts free concerts at its outdoor amphitheater during the summer months.  Nicolette Mall also features the annual Holidazzle parades put on by Target, which are usually held after Thanksgiving.


Also in the summer, Nicolette Mall is transformed into an out-and-out Famers’ market.   The Farmers’ market usually takes up about 5 blocks and is chock full of excitement.  It has items for you to touch, taste, and enjoy. There are vendors selling just about everything including flowers, fresh fruits and vegetables, spiced nuts, honey, baked goods, cheese, clothes, and jewelry.  You can also enjoy cooking demonstrations and live music, and also get expert gardening tips from the master gardeners on site.


In popular culture, Nicolette Mall is known for the bronze statue of the television character from the ‘Mary Tyler Moore Show.’ The statue stands at the corner of 7th Street and Nicolette Mall.  Several scenes from the show’s opening segment were filmed at Nicolette Mall.  The statue commemorates the site where the show’s main character tosses her hat in the air, at the end of the opening credits of the 1970’s show.


Getting to Nicolette mall is very easy, as you can get a free bus ride from nearby hotels.  The Hiawatha Light Rail Line also makes connections to the mall.



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