Shows: Stewart Adds #Pointergate to ‘Innocent Things Black People Do That Look Suspicious’

Jon Stewart took on the “pointergate” stupidity tonight. In case you haven’t heard, a local news station took a picture of a mayor taking a picture with an African-American man where…

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10 Responses to Shows: Stewart Adds #Pointergate to ‘Innocent Things Black People Do That Look Suspicious’

  1. Joe joe says:

    Simply hilarious 

  2. Joe joe says:

    Simply hilarious 

  3. Eric Pederson says:

    That’s like something you’d expect the police and news in some southern
    U.S. shitscape to do, not Minneapolis. Ridiculous. Funny, but ridiculous.

  4. TheSamsungKO says:

    Minneapolis cops are notorious for corruption. Their gang task force
    disbanded because of corruption back in 2000s. I had a car crash in
    Minneapolis…the other person drove off with car on fire….cops came 20
    mins later and was like oh well

  5. Andrew Smith says:

    Minneapolis has always had a racist, violent police department that did
    what it wanted while the city had no control over it. It is like the police
    and the rest of the people in the city came from opposite universes. We
    finally have a mayor who is trying to do something about it. That is why
    this story is happening.

  6. Burnell Peterson says:

    Gawd, what a stupid world we live in. !!! Thanks for posting, Char!

  7. Cameron Sione says:

    They want u to think they did this cuzz they dont want us to vote truth is
    its to trick us into voting dont vote

  8. Jean Hanvik says:

    Those reporters look like complete buffoons. The audience reaction is

  9. Michael Barry says:

    Now that is some funny chit!

  10. Brittanie Scott says:

    This really is the most ridiculous thing ever that you have to wonder (and
    hope and pray) that it’s fake. But NOPE it’s not! LMAO. 

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