Smartphone Secrets [Must Watch]

Source: MINNEAPOLIS (KMSP) – What are you planning to do with the old one before you sell it or toss it in the recycle bin? Read more: Investigators: Smartphone Secrets – KMSP-TV http://www.myfoxt.

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25 Responses to Smartphone Secrets [Must Watch]

  1. Willie Metoyer says:

    Governments have killed more people in history than anything

  2. Malibu Beatz says:

    Microwave, then dip in water, then smash, then burn it

  3. Jean-Pierre Forest says:

    Like a computer Hard drive, a lot of information can be recovered even if
    it was deleted, one thing you can do without destroying your phone
    physically is to once erased, fill the entire memory of the phone with
    innocuous data, new contacts filled, new photos, video etc but absolutely
    nothing that can be traced back to you, Random data can be found online to
    fill your phone, then erase all the data again and repeat the process and
    if you can defrag & re-format the memory. After 3 times, most of the Data
    would be gone and unrecoverable, very time consuming, but then you data is
    safe and you can now sell it.

  4. Tom Cruise says:

    Smartphone Secrets [Must Watch]:

  5. crazymarkiplierfan says:

    I would be afraid of someone finding my porn

  6. Munder pundi says:

    Im afraid if Someone Have found My porn

  7. Mr. Allen C. Sokolik Jr. says:

    1st off there is not too many ppl that knows how to get all of that infor
    from ur old cell phone they would have to be super smart or be some one
    from the geek squad in order to do that. And if ur still scared of ur old
    cell getting into the wrong hands of ppl like that then give it or sell it
    to a trusted family member if they don’t already have one.

  8. expert20valvehlx says:

    Just put it on some extreme strong magnet. ;)

  9. mdk23100 says:

    Bet you wish you would not have watched all that porn!lol

  10. iTryZ says:

    Solution, Buy a blackphone. 

  11. Carlos A Pereira Jr. says:

    Interested, educational..

  12. OPOXTOBOYS says:

    no need smashing it. U can still sell the phone. All u have to do is take
    out the sim. All the info is stored on there

  13. Rob the Cop says:

    What if I have nothing to hide!? Think about that!

  14. William Medina says:

    what if you reset to factory condition?

  15. Austin Vandersluis says:

    The answer is yes

  16. YouMeMoShi Cruz says:

    will it blend wahahaha will do the trix

  17. Joshua Schultz says:

    I have nothing to hide but why would we have these phone geeks looking into
    our phones and looking are photos videos contacts I don’t get it. Although
    I do think it’s a good idea to catch bad people! And that guy smashing his
    phone won’t stop the geek looking at his phone data!

  18. ford rodriguez says:

    I don’t have any info worth having

  19. meloy Adonis says:

    i have a lot of embarrassing selfies on my phone,, and a lot of gayporn,,

  20. Dontbeweakvato says:

    well sorry idiot with a sledgehammer. your data can still be recovered
    even with the display cracked. One of the only safest ways I have heard of
    it is by encrypting the device then restarting it and resetting it. So the
    encrypted data is irrecoverable.

  21. Trevor Furness says:

    just take the chip out then recycle. The chip is the brain of the phone,
    destroy that and your safe

  22. infernoPPLL says:

    Clockworkmod Rwcovery… Wipe Data/ Factory reset, Wipe Cache, Wipe dalvik

  23. MrDarius125 says:

    I never sold my 3 phones I use them as cameras

  24. Evan Fitrian says:

    well.. now that’s creepy!

  25. Anmol Dalal says:

    This video is renamed “fear mongering idiots push people to break
    their phone, instead of teaching them how to wipe-clean and recycle it !”

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