Steve Vai “Now We Run”

Steve Vai and the String Theories band perform the opening track “Now We Run” from the new DVD “Live In Minneapolis – Where The WIld Things Are”. The show wa…

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25 Responses to Steve Vai “Now We Run”

  1. Jjames Anderson says:

    What’s the base players name, 

  2. Deathshuck says:


  3. Matt Stati says:

    Sounds like plastic. 

  4. says:

    Steve Vai “Now We Run”
    Steve Vai “Now We Run”

  5. JgHaverty says:

    I love vai, all of his music. His newer album is pretty cool too.

    That said, this faux pas orchestra crap is really pretentious and
    aggravating to watch. He has enough energy and charisma on his own, he
    doesn’t need this stupid gimmick crap to play with next to him.

    Him, tony, sheehan, mike, and a back up guitarist (hate dave weiner haha)
    is all he needs imo. 

  6. Holybeer says:

    Lindsey Stirling disliked this video.


  7. john szabo says:


  8. Barbara Mion says:

    steve vai – now we run

  9. Silas Rodrigues says:

    Damn… Is she sexy…

  10. Filippo Salemi says:

    Steve Vai “Now We Run”

  11. Music Is Life says:

    Si si…corriamo!! Corro a farmi una bella sigaretta…. (fumare fa
    male,non dimenticatelo! Io non fumo poi troppo, mai.)
    col trucco o senza trucco? Secondo voi???
    Steve Vai “Now We Run”

  12. Ross Sharma says:

    Holy shit

  13. Sean Conley says:

    this is very sexual in the beginning with the female violinist. Via’s
    moments flow like slow water. It is awesome.

  14. Александр Владимирович says:


  15. Александр Владимирович says:


  16. Christopher Layne says:

    I am sorry but why on earth did he delude his music with an orchestra and
    strings? What on earth was he thinking? It is back to listening to
    satriani for me, I am tired of being surprised by the scrapping sound.
    Orchestra and strings do NOT mix with modern electric guitar EVER.

  17. WeComin4You2047 says:

    This song would be a lot better if it had some dope lyrics and built
    anticipation for a solo instead of Him Shredding the whole time That’s the
    Musician side of me but the guitarist side of me would go crazy on this

  18. ィーブン SVKソン ステ says:

    COME ON STEVE VAI !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Uhuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu …. !! 

  19. Pablo Bartolomeo says:
  20. Married To a Llama says:

    this is hilarious..

  21. nemtall says:

    Mind blowing epicness

  22. Lynn Sisley says:

    TY4SHARING (((>;<)))

  23. Rick Rivera says:

    Do you Vai?

  24. Tomáš Rušaj says:
  25. Flavio Henrique says:

    Steve Vai “Now We Run”

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