The Beatles – Minneapolis, MN press conference (edited) – August 21st, 1965

Disclaimer: I do not own The Beatles or their music. No copyright infringement is intended. This is an interview that occurred just days after the boys’ triu…

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25 Responses to The Beatles – Minneapolis, MN press conference (edited) – August 21st, 1965

  1. "Wild Man" Dean says:

    Great video. Thanks for uploading 🙂

  2. Lauras stern says:

    haha 😀 funny ! great video

  3. Cozycriter says:

    Thank you, honey! 🙂 x

  4. Cozycriter says:

    And what does it mean, hon’?

  5. TEZZAMAN909 says:

    It means good

  6. xXOneHotLennonXx says:

    Well if the boys want to be naughty boys then they can be. If a girl is
    invited into a room by one of the boys and she accepts then that’s her
    choice. It’s to do with her and the Beatle, else. Anyway, the one
    night they spent in Minnesota, I know Johnny was a good boy because I have
    a book where someone interviewed him there and he’d talked about Cynthia
    and said at around midnight “Think I’ll go to bed after this cigarette” 🙂
    Love the John close ups in the press conference! Gorgeous!

  7. xXOneHotLennonXx says:

    Ahh right fair enough,.oh well xD Haha 🙂 Same, Johnny’s so gorgeous!! 😀
    And no problem,.. great post and the best quality picture I’ve seen of
    this!!! So thanks for posting! 🙂

  8. Cozycriter says:’re welcome, sweetheart. Always so glad to please! 🙂 x

  9. Cozycriter says:

    So glad you enjoyed it, dear! He IS quite lovely, isn’t he? ♥ 🙂

  10. Cozycriter says:

    You’re very welcome, hon’. Glad you liked it. 🙂 x

  11. blackeyeddog says:

    That reporter asking them how they can sleep at night with that “long”
    hair… hard to believe that there were people that stupid walking around
    unrestrained in 1965. It gives us an idea of just how revolutionary The
    Beatles really were, how they literally transformed the world relative to
    that delusional Leave It To Beaver mindset that was so prevalent.

  12. blackeyeddog says:

    “False hotel registration”?? Amazing how utterly Nazi-like so much of the
    US was in the 1950’s and 60’s. No wonder there was a massive hippie
    movement… I would have been right there with them.

  13. Mat Turner says:

    daw ringo. so modest.

  14. tyronerodgers says:

    1:03 “And we’re just gonna drop acid y’know”… Only days away from his
    initiation ;-)

  15. tyronerodgers says:

    Thanks for sharing! Definitely one of the better press conferences! The
    irony with Lennon’s comment at 1:13 !

  16. bashfulbrother says:

    The girl in Paul’s room was 22 years old, and when the cops found out they
    had already made idiots of themselves so they wouldn’t back down.
    This was simply the morality police thumping on their sticks looking for
    trouble. Captain William Manhke left after the riots of 68.

  17. bashfulbrother says:

    The schools in Minnesota required males to have hair above the ears,
    sideburns even with the top of the ears, no blue jeans only dress pants, no
    tennis shoes just dress shoes, belt was mandatory, shirts were to be tucked
    in at all times. Females wore skirts or dresses, no tennis shoes, no
    make-up until 16, and on and on it went.

  18. Adam Tomcheck says:

    Does anybody know what hat Lennon could possibly be wearing?

  19. Angus1966 says:

    England Mother of the free , got it yank

  20. Karen Floan says:

    I saw them at the old Met open stadium when I was the young age of 8 years
    old, but I will never forget that amazing event…..I love you

  21. lapelcelery42 says:

    George seems genuinely concerned that Rickenbacker guitars were put out
    giving him a guitar. “Thanks, but you shouldn’t have done it”. That’s some
    amazing modesty. 

  22. John King says:

    “We’d never start are own label, it’s too much trouble”. They should have
    stuck to that and never started Apple.

  23. alonzo9772 says:

    They should have done their research of how conservative Minneapolis was.

  24. Yzacata says:

    Awwh. Ringo at 1:37, Paul at 0:24, Ringo & John at 0:31…
    John at 1:16. Oh, the irony!

  25. Robin Lee says:

    Hmm. Now I understand why Paul looks SO pissed off during this press
    conference. The stupid cops cockblocked him! 🙂 

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