what do you think about Swedish People, Swedish Culture?

Swedish People, Swedish Culture, Swedish Education, Swedish Business.

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25 Responses to what do you think about Swedish People, Swedish Culture?

  1. Therodinn says:

    As a Swede, I can confirm all this is true. 

  2. Yann Kermadec says:

    Is there a swedish culture ? – Yes ABBA, and detective stories.

  3. wishen4fishen2 says:

    Most people in the world like Swedes.I like Swedes myself but I have no
    clue why the Swedish government would flood themselves with “the religion
    of peace” and make the laws against the native Swedes when the
    rapes,violence against Swedes in there own land is mostly from violent
    immigrants.I do wish you well in Sweden,hope this all works out in the

  4. Lcpdfr Nova00 says:

    we don’t talk english that for damm sure. WE TALK SWEDISH :D

  5. Jiqs CS says:

    kinda makes sweden sound awesome =D

  6. Hoffy C.H says:

    SD 2014 for a better future for everybody within and around the country :)

  7. Helga Haper says:

    what do I think about Swedes?
    That they mate as bunnies from sunrise to dawn

  8. linn R says:

    This is just a joke 🙂 not real facts ;)

  9. rosarose randomness channel says:

    PFFFFFTTTT , I fucked your mother, OH GOOD FOR HER XD ,for fucks sake

  10. xVillee says:

    This is so fake. But funny! (I’m a Swedish guy)

  11. Poost Gal says:

    I’m living in Sweden now and I lived around the world in many countries…
    Sweden is the best country with magnificent peoples there is not better
    Sweden and Swedish

  12. Sofia Lisa says:

    hahah omg, “Lasse, do you wanna attack?”

  13. MsXXXsandyXXX says:

    I love sweds!

  14. Alexandre Potvin says:


  15. alexandros1984 says:

    The truth is, swedes are cold hearted antisocial morons with no

  16. Shadygoten says:


  17. DMentMan says:

    as a swede, i approve of this.

  18. Officialrebel says:

    I dont think our fanatic and notorious football ultras groups was amused by
    this :)

  19. rich12hill says:

    swedes need to stop being pushovers your heritage , your traditions, your
    culture is being destroyed. you have to give your country to immigrants
    smarten up before you are destroyed stand and fight for your rights look
    what is happening to your country, stop kletting a bunch socialist play
    santa claus with your money, you are being betrayed demand a end to this,
    residency requirements needed no giveaways to people showing up in your
    country with their hands out. you are not alone, zstop helping ungrateful

  20. Ida Lidström says:

    For everyone who doesn’t know, this clip is from Eurovision, just like fyi.
    So obviously not everything in this video is accurate. Hejdå.

  21. Gerald Senarclens de Grancy says:
  22. Johan J says:

    probably 70% of all who watched this video is Swedish

  23. 1Fireskull says:

    Native Swedes are so excessively tolerant that they would offer welfare
    benefits to Al Quaeda and ISIS, while enjoying the Swedish custom of
    excessively low birthrates. They would not want to feel guilty about
    becoming patriotic, now would they?

  24. Narnia tonarnia says:

    Everyone are comedy actors in the video , not the premie-m then but still,
    best thing about sweds, we can make fun of ourself and have humor, like
    others contrys, rarely can. haha

  25. Sofi Älmeros says:

    I absolutely love that the actual prime minister is in it. (Yes i know,
    former prime minister now.)

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